The SC Speakers Bureau creates engaging and educational events with speakers who inform and educate local citizens on topics important to maintaining a constitutional republic in South Carolina and the United States.


About Us:

The SC Speakers Bureau (a 501(c)3) was founded in South Carolina as a few Carolinians knew there was a need to bring speakers on tours in order to provide valuable education. After the first speaking tour, it was realized that the tours really influenced those that attended the events so the creators of the bureau continued their work in making sure there would be future tours. The speakers bureau is now bringing speakers to the state of Georgia North Carolina.


Why Sponsor An SC Speakers Bureau Event?

There is a lot at stake in America. As many business owners are currently experiencing, the federal, state, and local governments in America can often oversteps their boundaries and make it difficult for business owners to compete in the market. The SC Speakers Bureau gives businesses the opportunity to educate their local communities about what needs to be done in order to provide a better economic environment for businesses.  We are uniquely qualified and positioned to bring the best speakers who can educate your community on topics that will allow freedom and liberty to rule, and keep socialist ideas on every front out!


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